Holistic, Patient-Centered Primary Care

QuadMed isn’t a reinvented occupational health provider. We’ve always understood the transformative power of an integrated primary care model that focuses on prevention and wellness and is rooted in a strong primary care provider and patient relationship.

Our physician-driven model provides comprehensive preventive and coordinated care that is centered on the patient’s needs. It leverages health information technology and other process innovations to assure high-quality, accessible and efficient care.

Strong Personal Relationships

Our providers don’t get incentives based on volume, so they take the time – at least 30 minutes – to get to know the person behind the patient. This allows for a collaborative and holistic approach to reaching a desired goal, such as losing weight, getting in shape or managing a chronic condition. This personal attention is the foundation of our 98% patient satisfaction rates.

Focus on Screening and Prevention

Through the use of Health Risk Assessments and Biometric Screenings, we’re able to identify risk, stratify populations and target effective programs and services for specific population risk segments. By preventing illness and keeping existing conditions under control, we help employers reduce their downstream cost of healthcare.

Technology-Enabled, Evidence-Based and Coordinated

Our use of electronic medical records aids the sharing of secure information among providers, nurse educators and specialists. By leveraging point-of-care decision support tools and practicing evidence-based medicine, QuadMed providers prescribe a personalized treatment plan designed to proactively address future health risks. Web and mobile applications provide patients with convenient access to health information, educational content, secure messaging with their providers and a constant source of motivation and inspiration to drive greater engagement.

Patient Centered Medical Home
Our patient centered primary care medical home model has delivered results for over 20 years.
Wellness and Prevention
Our focus is on prevention and wellness coaching to keep employees healthy and happy.
On the Go
Employees can access health information, send a secure message to their provider, or schedule an appointment through QuadMed mobile.