Accountable, Performance-Driven Management

We manage the entire process on the your behalf – from the feasibility, design and build stages – to the day to day management of your onsite clinic. Our time-tested methodologies, proven processes and best-in-class technology ensures we  utilize resources efficiently, operate effectively and deliver an outstanding return on investment.

Feasibility, Design and Implementation

QuadMed works closely with you to understand your strategic objectives and the healthcare needs of your employees.  Claims data, population demographics, disease burden, utilization rates and other inputs are used to develop a feasibility study.  This study includes program design, budget estimates, and economic analyses to ensure a customized solution to fit your needs.

QuadMed’s team of design architects and  implementation managers are available in all phases of the design process, including layout, permitting, renovation and outfitting. We oversee the selection, installation and maintenance of medical equipment, leveraging volume discounts we established with our network of national suppliers.

Recruiting, Hiring, and Training

QuadMed provides an exceptional work environment, as indicated by our low time-to-fill rates, low turnover, and high employee satisfaction scores. We use a highly selective hiring process to ensure both quality and cultural fit with your organization. We make significant investments in provider training, professional development and performance management to make sure your employees will receive consistent, high quality care.

Engagement and Outreach

Adoption and utilization of QuadMed’s services are imperative to improve health outcomes and generate employer savings. From the initial launch of a new health center through the life of our partnership, we collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive and multi-channel marketing and promotion strategy to drive utilization, in a manner suitable to the culture and preferences of your organization.

Account Management

QuadMed is committed to working with our clients to proactively  identify opportunities that will  meet and exceed expectations.  Every client is supported by a dedicated Account Manager who serves as the day-to-day contact responsible for meeting the account management needs of the client.

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