A Balanced Scorecard

We view reporting as much more than sharing our results. It’s about building strategic alignment with you, collaborating towards shared objectives and being held accountable for the promises we make.

QuadMed provides employers with a Balanced Scorecard that provides a quantifiable summary of our performance in a simple dashboard. Overall and perspective scores are calculated from key performance indicators across four key perspectives: Population, Clinical, Operational and Financial.

Population Management

We monitor your employee population’s current health status and historical trends across multiple dimensions, including:

  • Participation rates in health risk assessments and biometric screenings
  • Enrollment rates in chronic condition management programs for eligible employees
  • Employee health outcomes and changes across population segments
  • Patient satisfaction levels

Clinical Effectiveness

We track the quality and effectiveness of care our providers deliver, by measuring things such as:

  • Provider adherence to evidence-based protocols
  • Patient Compliance to provider recommendations
  • Patient Participation in prevention and wellness programs

Operational Efficiency

We keep close tabs on how efficiently we are running our facilities and utilizing resources, through indicators like:

  • Appointment availability and wait times
  • Capacity utilization of provider resources and staff
  • Adoption and use of technology

Financial Return

We provide financial performance transparency and accountability by giving employers visibility into measures like:

  • Adoption and utilization rates of our programs and services
  • Cost containment and operating budget variance
  • Actual vs. Projected ROI
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Balanced Scorecard
Financial Return