Our Story Starts with Harry

In 1990, Harry V. Quadracci, the founder of the nation’s largest privately held commercial printing company, Quad/Graphics, had become frustrated. Medical costs for the company’s 9,000 employees were soaring and there were a growing number of complaints about problems with medical claims and the poor quality of medical care his employees were receiving.  He became determined to find a more reliable and efficient way to deliver health care to his employees and their families.

Harry’s idea was to “cut out the middle-man” by bringing primary care in-house and transforming the company from a purchaser of health insurance to an investor in employee health and productivity. QuadMed was formed and opened our first clinic in 1991.

25 Years of Success and Satisfaction

Starting with a small worksite clinic at Quad/Graphics’ plant in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, QuadMed took the bold, new approach of bringing nearly all primary healthcare services in-house – eliminating excess costs and bureaucracy in the process. The results have been extraordinary.

As word of our success spread, other companies turned to QuadMed to create and manage their onsite clinics and deliver accessible, affordable and high-quality health care for their employees.

Steady Growth and Continuous Innovation

Today, QuadMed provides workplace solutions on a national level to employers of all sizes.  Our clinics provide medical, laboratory, pharmacy, fitness and physical therapy services along with coordinated care through relationships with local hospitals, providers and specialists.

We are continuously innovating and investing in new programs, services and technologies that will help us provide better patient experience for the employee populations we serve. This is demonstrated by our recent investments in new health delivery and care platforms such as genetic screening, telemedicine, remote monitoring and medical home devices.

Harry V. Quadracci
“We’ll keep you well; and by the way, if you get sick, we’ll take care of that, too.”
Strong patient and provider relationships are at the heart of the QuadMed model.