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Why Onsite Health Care

In today’s health care environment, employers are poised to have the greatest impact on rising costs and workforce well-being. Whether your company is located in a metropolitan or rural area, access, affordability and quality pose the same challenges. Provider and caregiver shortages. Lack of local health care options. Hurried appointments. Long wait times. Rushed visits. More and more employers are opting to take greater control of the cost and quality of the health care provided to their employees. And the experience. Your employees deserve better. And there’s no better time than now to take control and we can help.

Benefits of Onsite Health Care


Onsite health centers offer greater access and achieve greater employee satisfaction than comparable clinics in the community, while providing quality care at a cost savings. Access to same day appointments means fewer ER or urgent care visits and less time away from work. When primary and preventive care are made more accessible and affordable, employees feel more empowered to take control of their own health – a benefit that pays long term dividends for the employee and your company.

Cost Management

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An integrated primary care model has proven return on investment by providing services at a cost lower than community pricing; reducing unnecessary ER visits, specialist referrals and testing orders; and more effective management of chronic conditions. Producing better health outcomes overall and cost savings that are enjoyed by members and employers alike creating the perfect win-win.

Better Care / Outcomes

Representation of Better Outcomes

A holistic approach to health care focuses on prevention, wellness and disease management, keeping healthy people healthy and preventing chronic conditions from escalating. This dedicated approach makes sustained lifestyle and behavior modification possible and that adds up to real population health improvement. The kind that results in a happier, healthier workforce that spends less time away from work, is more productive and more engaged.

Employee Attraction / Retention

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Providing onsite health care is a differentiator that helps attract and retain top talent, and can make you an employer of choice. In a competitive environment, employers are looking for ways to stand out – to provide a highly valued benefit that sets them apart from other employers competing for the same talent. Investing in employee well-being sends a message to current and prospective employees that you value a culture of health in the workplace. 


  • Client with >25,000 Members



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    Covered Lives


    A large manufacturer supporting the defense industry originally implemented a health and wellness center on one campus and expanded to another location in a different part of the country a year later. Over time the scope of services offered increased to meet the needs of employees and their family members, including the establishment of a satellite site for acute needs. Working in partnership with other health and wellness vendors already being used by the employer, we were able to create a seamless integration of services that resulted in smooth handoffs, coordinated referrals and continuity of care for patients.

  • Client with >10,000 Members



    # of LOCATIONS:


    # of STATES:


    Covered Lives


    A national retailer with a commitment to providing a culture of health and well-being for its associates partnered with us to bring an integrated primary care solution to its workforces in distribution centers and worksites across the country. During the course of our relationship we expanded services, offerings and locations served including the implementation of a virtual health option. 

  • Client with < 5,000 Members


    Food & Beverage

    # of LOCATIONS:


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    Covered Lives


    A major employer in the food and beverage industry wanted an integrated approach to primary care and occupational health for its corporate staff and production workers. The result was a freestanding health and wellness center and fitness center centrally located on the campus.


  • Client with < 2,500 Members



    # of LOCATIONS:


    # of STATES:


    Covered Lives


    A leading Midwestern-based insurance provider chose onsite health care as a way to be an employer of choice while increasing access to quality care. Originally starting with a one-provider model, this health center’s continued success resulted in adding an additional provider after four years. Improved health and high attendance in the biometric screening program has earned this client recognition as one of Wisconsin’s “Healthiest Employers”.


Patient shaking hands with doctor in an onsite health center

Worksite Clinics


Built to provide patients with everything they’d find at their local care clinics, our health centers can be tailored to fit the health care needs of your employees. Custom program design allows for optimal ROI and workforce health. Add this benefit onsite at your company, near-site in a neighboring building, shared with other companies or via telemedicine or a virtual health suite. We fit the center – and the staffing – to your specific needs.   

  • Onsite Clinics
  • Nearsite Clinics
  • Shared Clinics
  • Occupational Health
  • Virtual/Telehealth

Find out more about these options and how we can help select the best fit for your company.

Elevate your investment by adding:

Onsite Health Services

We offer a diverse array of additional services that can be integrated with our primary care offering to address specific employer needs or to achieve greater health and cost impact.

  • Occupational Health
  • Physical Therapy
  • Referral Management
  • Lab/Testing
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Chronic Condition Management
  • Behavioral Health
  • Dental
  • Vision

Employee Wellness

Add our additional wellness offerings to emphasize health risk identification, lifestyle management and behavior change.

  • Biometric Screening
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Incentive Programs
  • Wellness Portal

The Results Speak for Themselves

Case Study: Improved Employee Health and Patient Satisfaction

Read about the amazing results one employer experienced for improving employee health with exceptional employee satisfaction rates.

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QuadMed doctor treating a child patient at onsite clinic

Case Study: Total three-year gross savings: $10.1M

Read about the success of one client who had such positive results the company expanded services to include a moderately complex lab, x-ray and fitness center.

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Woman working out with a trainer in a fitness center on a bicycle

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