Go Beyond Primary Care

While primary care is the core of our model, providing additional onsite health services to employers interested in a greater worksite resource offering allows us to fully tailor the best health care solutions for your employee population. These options are available to complement others and provide additional opportunity for creating a culture of health for your employees. 

Occupational therapist working with a patient at a QuadMed clinic

Occupational Health

We provide occupational health services integrated with our primary and acute care offerings. We’re a strong partner in safety, injury prevention and engagement in worksite health and wellness, through services including:

  • Pre-employment testing and physicals 
  • Workers compensation
  • Testing and travel medicine
  • Full-service multi-disciplinary occupational health 
  • Dedicated resources to manage employer surveillance programs, injury logs, return-to-work restrictions and fit-for-duty evaluations
Our occupational health professionals get employees back to work safely and efficiently, while managing cost, through proper job placement, injury prevention, aggressive physical therapy, early and appropriate return to work, and disability management. 
Physical therapist working with a patient in a QuadMed health center

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists work with patients to reduce pain and restore mobility, strength, balance and coordination to maximize quality of life. Typical interventions include evidence-based treatment, injury prevention strategies and health promotion. We continue to practice a one-on-one physical therapy model that gets patients back to optimal function in consistently fewer visits than the national average, translating to cost savings for both the patient and the employer.

Patient talking with a doctor in a QuadMed clinic

Referral Management

While our providers have the training and tools to handle primary care needs from the simple to the complex, we have implemented a web-based, provider-to-provider communication platform that gives our providers the ability to access board-certified specialists in over 70 specialty areas. Providers receive consultation within 24-48 hours of submitting a request and it has resulted in a greater than 60 percent reduction in specialty visits. This referral management service allows us to deliver enhanced services to patients at the primary care site, avoid unnecessary specialty visits and lost productivity, and reduce out-of-pocket costs for patients and overall spend for the client.

Pharmacist working in a QuadMed pharmacy


Ranging from full-service worksite locations to prepackaged medications, we offer pharmacy solutions that enhance convenience and the patient experience while addressing the employer’s need to control their prescription drug spend. Even smaller populations experience great savings with worksite pharmacy services, which securely maintain and dispense the most commonly used medications in prepackaged quantities.
Nurse reading in a QuadMed lab

Lab / Testing

We offer worksite laboratory services for lab orders from both community-based providers and outside providers. Ranging from basic point-of-care lab services to more advanced moderately complex lab services, lab work is conveniently provided onsite with results seamlessly provided to a patient’s primary care provider or specialist in less time and with less hassle than an employee would experience going to an outside lab.
Doctor looking at an x-ray


We provide X-ray services onsite with an order from one of our providers or a patient’s community-based provider. Our digital X-ray services include chest, extremity and various special request X-rays. For the convenience of our patients, we also have a less than 24 hour turnaround time for X-rays requiring review by a radiologist.  
Nurse talking to a patient about diabetes

Chronic Condition Management

We offer enhanced support for chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension and asthma. Using electronic medical records to share information, our primary care providers work in tandem with Health Coaches, Certified Diabetes Educators and Certified Dietitian Nutritionists to design personalized patient goals and care plans that incorporate medication with lifestyle changes. Using evidence-based protocols for optimal outcomes, we can measure success through capture rate, engagement rate, cost of claims, patient satisfaction, and patient health and condition improvement metrics.
Behavioral health professional writing down patient notes

Behavioral Health

Because our providers are committed to whole person care they have had, or receive, training in identifying and addressing behavioral health needs. We include depression screening in every provider appointment to monitor and identify issues early. If a patient has behavioral health care needs beyond what our physician can offer, we will refer them to a specialist, an EAP or a behavioral health vendor that you partner with. Our provider will keep in touch with whomever the patient is referred to in order to ensure their needs are being addressed.
Optician fitting a patient for glasses at QuadMed optical store


Our Optometrists and Opticians perform traditional eye exams, dilated retinal exams, fittings for glasses and contact lenses, support for diabetes patients and more. Our vision centers also feature a large variety of frames onsite for purchase, as well as fulfillment of contact lens prescription orders.


Our dental care focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions. Our Dentists and Dental Specialists, as well as other dental care team staff, perform general dentistry such as routine cleanings to special procedures such as restorative work to help patients achieve and maintain good oral health.

Claims Processing

We work very closely with our clients and their third party administrator (TPA) or insurance carrier to understand how claims need to process. We take into consideration what type of plan the client offers to their employee population and have some flexibility in the workflows to best meet needs.

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