Where purpose meets passion to deliver results

What does it take for a company to survive – and thrive – in a dynamic environment? We’ve learned a lot about that in our three decades as a health care partner. And we believe that’s what sets us apart. It’s not just being first or even best. It’s knowing clearly who we are and more importantly, deeply knowing our clients. It’s about purpose and the courage to embrace change, to lead the change. We are always in the pursuit of delivering greater value to those we serve. QuadMed has stood the test of time and we have the results to prove it.

Nurse giving a high five to child patients in an onsite clinic

We Lead with Relationships

  • Our experience has taught us that relationships with our clients is key to our mutual success. We need to know you, communicate often with you, be transparent in good and bad times and work in partnership with you.
  • We strive to walk in our clients’ shoes, to know their business and treat it as if it were our own – that sense of deep relationship and partnership holds true in how we approach our interactions with our clients and how we treat our patients.
  • We know that employers maintain relationships with multiple vendors to provide a comprehensive health and wellness offering for their employees; that’s why it’s important to have an onsite health partner who is able to act as a hub, a connector, of all of the elements of your health and wellness strategy – and that’s where we shine.
  • Whether in clinical practice or account management, relationship is at the core of our model and every member of the QuadMed team is committed to being accessible and responsive regardless of their role in the organization, including our senior leaders.
Doctor looking in the ear of a young patient in a QuadMed onsite clinic

We make it simple

  • We are committed to creating healthier communities by simplifying access to health care – that’s the cornerstone of our care model for employers.
  • We pride ourselves on keeping health care simple for our employer partners in everything from seamless, smooth implementations to timely and accurate invoicing, health center reporting and marketing campaigns that drive utilization and engagement.
  • We provide you with a single point of contact supported by a diverse team of experts all focused on achieving your company’s health and wellness goals.
  • Whether advancing health care literacy to make employees more savvy health care consumers to complex care coordination and navigation – we’re here to take the fear and confusion out of health care delivery.
  • Every component of your strategy represents a lever that can be pulled to help achieve improved health and well-being, cost-efficiency and effectiveness. When all the levers are working together – aligned, integrated, seamless, coordinated – employers find the greatest results for their employees and their company.
Nurse taking the blood pressure of a patient in a QuadMed onsite health center

We're Committed to Continuous Improvement

  • At QuadMed, each person is empowered to bring innovation and continuous improvement to their daily work whether it’s supporting our patients, our clients or each other.
  • We appreciate, like our founder Harry Quadracci did, that innovation is not solely defined by technology or major disruptive breakthroughs, it is engrained in the culture that challenges each of us to think differently about health and wellness, to question the status quo and embrace continuous improvement.
  • It’s commonly said: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” We say, “If it’s not broken, how can we make it better.” This is what sets us apart – it’s the way we approach our passion.
Doctor checking out a patient

We deliver best in class performance

  • Whether it’s delivering engagement strategies that drive industry-leading utilization rates or meeting and exceeding nationally recognized clinical benchmarks, we are always in pursuit of excellence – it’s our commitment to you and it’s what drives our team.
  • Fortunate to have many client relationships for greater than 10 years, we’ve demonstrated the ability to adapt to market changes and deliver financial and population health outcomes that stand the test of time.
  • We are proud to have been at the forefront in leading the charge for safe opioid prescribing – we’ve been recognized nationally for driving down our own providers’ prescribing and teaching others how to do the same.
  • With a behavioral health crisis upon us, we took early steps to keep it at the forefront of our practice and we’re proud to boast a 72 percent depression screening rate compared to 5 percent nationally.
  • Third-party data analysts have confirmed that 87 percent of our diabetic patients are in control of their condition vs. 80 percent of those seeing community providers, and 75 percent of our patients with high blood pressure have control over their condition, far exceeding the national target of 61.2 percent by 2020.
Doctor talking with a patient at a QuadMed onsite clinic

We have a singular focus

  • For almost 30 years, we’ve maintained our focus on providing health care solutions to employers and their workforces – it wasn’t a passing fad aimed at capitalizing on market dynamics – it is the core of who we are, it’s our passion.
  • We are not affiliated with any outside health systems, so we are free of any requirements to drive downstream service referrals or medication orders.
  • We do the right thing for the right reasons and are accountable to our employer partners, our patients and our own employees.
  • We partner with our clients to achieve alignment in the areas of operations/utilization, patient satisfaction, finance and the long-term health improvement goals of your population and are willing to put management and G & A fees at risk.
  • We use a performance methodology and measurement framework that continuously ensures focus is on metrics that will help us achieve the best long-term outcomes. 
Patient having a virtual health visit with a doctor

We leverage technology

  • Nothing can replace the personal relationships that we place a high value on, but we know selecting the right technology can enhance the patient, client and care team experience.
  • We’ve implemented the industry leading EMR to offer the greatest interoperability that securely connects and shares health information across providers and communities – facilitating optimal care coordination across the continuum.
  • We optimize the patient experience by offering enhancements such as robust online portals that enable appointment scheduling, automated check in, secure messaging with providers, the ability to view test results and health records, and more. 
  • We’ve created a solution for virtual health care that combines the latest in Bluetooth technology with onsite caregiver support for the ultimate high tech, high touch experience.
  • We take the confidentiality, privacy and security of patient information seriously. That’s why we voluntarily acquired Health Industry Trust Alliance (HITRUST) certification (dictating how we create, access, store and exchange patient data) and National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST) certification (providing standards, guidelines and best practices to reduce cyber risk) – in fact, we’re the only onsite provider to have secured both designations. 

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