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QuadMed onsite health center will provide integrated, whole-person primary care and occupational health services to nearly 3,000 Constellium employees and family members.

SUSSEX, Wis., April 9, 2024 -- QuadMed, LLC, a nationally recognized provider of health and wellness solutions designed for employers, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Constellium in launching the QuadMed Health & Wellness Center on Constellium's 500-acre campus in Ravenswood, WV.

The Health & Wellness Center which opened for patient care on March 18, 2024, is poised to transform employee health care experiences and strengthen the culture of health and safety within the Constellium community. In addition to providing occupational health for the approximately 1,200 employees at the Ravenswood location, the center will also offer primary care to those employees and an additional 1,700 family members. Comprehensive services include physicals, screenings, immunizations, lab services, acute care, chronic condition management, medication dispensing, X-ray services, and more.

Charlie Murray, Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Security at Constellium, explained that the health center has been in operation since the plant opened in 1957. Initially managed by Constellium employees, it was exclusively dedicated to occupational health. More recently, Constellium engaged a third-party onsite health vendor to enhance the center and broaden its services. Now, Constellium anticipates that the partnership with QuadMed will enable them to advance their vision even further.

Reflecting on the transition to QuadMed, Murray highlighted the journey toward improving services for Constellium employees. “We sought a partner aligned with our values and commitment to employee well-being. QuadMed's track record and dedication to innovation resonated with us," Murray said.

QuadMed's model of care focuses on removing cost, access and other barriers to care, aligning with Constellium's goal of improving employee health outcomes while achieving their business goals.

"Our plant is in a rural area with limited health care resources. We want our employees and families to use the health center as their primary medical home. With QuadMed's guidance, we aim to lower health care costs, boost employee retention, and foster a healthier, more productive workforce," Murray said.

Addressing the transition process, Murray expressed confidence in QuadMed's support. "QuadMed was responsive and proactive in guiding us through the transition. Their expertise and resources reassure us of a successful partnership," he said. “We couldn’t ask for a better group to work with.”

Dr. Kathryn Quadracci Flores, CEO of QuadMed, emphasized the significance of the relationship with Constellium, highlighting QuadMed's mission-driven approach. “At QuadMed, we believe that every individual deserves greater access to affordable, high-quality health care,” she said. “Our collaboration with Constellium signifies more than just a partnership – it's an opportunity to uplift an entire community, advance Constellium's vision of a healthier, safer workforce, and empower employees and their families to achieve their full potential.”

QuadMed's commitment to fostering innovation and delivering high-quality care aligns seamlessly with Constellium's mission to prioritize employee well-being. The QuadMed Health & Wellness Center signifies a new era of comprehensive health care services for Constellium employees and their families, highlighting both companies' dedication to promoting better health and safety in the workplace.

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Constellium (NYSE: CSTM) is a global sector leader that develops innovative, value-added aluminium products for a broad scope of markets and applications, including aerospace, automotive and packaging. Constellium generated €7.2 billion of revenue in 2023.

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QuadMed ( is a nationally recognized provider of health and wellness solutions designed specifically for employers. The model features a full continuum of high-quality, patient-centered services proven to decrease costs by increasing accessibility and engagement. The company's 33-year track record of success is rooted in integrating prevention-focused, comprehensive primary care and occupational health with leading-edge technology and analytics. The industry pioneer, QuadMed was founded in 1991 as a subsidiary of Quad.

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Quad (NYSE: QUAD) is a global marketing experience company that employs approximately 13,000 people in 14 countries and serves approximately 2,700 clients including industry leading blue-chip companies that serve both businesses and consumers in multiple industry verticals, with a particular focus on commerce, including retail, consumer packaged goods, and direct-to-consumer; financial services; and health. Quad is ranked as the 14th largest agency company in the U.S. by Ad Age (2023), and the second-largest commercial printer in North America, according to Printing Impressions (2023).

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