Types of worksite Health Centers

Benefit from more than just partnership

  • Population Health

    Your employees are unlike any others. We work to tailor our services to your unique population by understanding your goals, prevalent health conditions and health care utilization. We extend our reach beyond the walls of the health and wellness center to engage your total population. The result is greater health awareness, more prevention, less health care spend, and sustained health improvements.

  • We can quantify our quality. The proof is in your results. We set the bar high and excel through our leadership and relationships. We benchmark ourselves against nationally recognized medical standards and take pride in meeting and exceeding them. We use data and clinical best practice to  provide appropriate care at every appointment to deliver the highest quality care that results in improved health and wellness and optimal cost control. 

  • We present results in a way that is meaningful to employers. Monthly and quarterly reports reflect data for key performance metrics so we’re always focused on a client’s specific goals. To better serve employers, we base recommendations and decisions on strategy driven by data. Data analytics help us to understand the health status of a population and target appropriately to improve population health and drive down health care costs.

  • Our marketing makes a difference. With the strength of strategy combined with creativity, our dedicated and experienced marketing team provides employers support with their internal communication efforts with the messaging that drives health center utilization, member engagement and ultimately contributes to return on investment.  

  • We leverage technology advancements to improve clinical care and enhance the patient experience. To truly engage patients, our centers not only feature state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that care will be current, but also to bring meaningful value to patients. From the means to securely exchange health information that promotes maximum continuity of care to enhancements for patient engagement such as online appointment scheduling, automatic check-in and secure messaging with providers, we’re constantly innovating to keep patients engaged and you successful. 


Primary Care Is Our Backbone

OBGYN doctor measuring a pregnant woman's belly

Our Primary care is strengthened with relationships

What sets us apart from area health care clinics is the value we place on the patient-provider relationship. It’s paramount. The collaboration between patients, providers and the entire care team helps patients to better prevent illnesses, reach desired goals, manage chronic conditions and maintain optimal health.  

Our acute care services are designed to treat patient illnesses and injuries within easily accessible appointment times so that urgent care and emergency room visits are avoided.

Our primary care services include:

• Annual physicals
• Immunizations including flu shots
• Preventive exams and screenings
• Well woman exams
• Reproductive health
• Pediatric care
• Chronic condition care
• Referral management
• Wellness education
• Minor procedures
• Lab services
• Flu/colds/coughs

• Fever/headaches
• Rashes/minor burns
• Bladder/urinary tract infections
• Abdominal pain/upset stomach
• Strep/sore throat
• Ear infections
• Anxiety/depression/ADD
• Muscle strains/sprains
• Allergies
• Bronchitis/sinus infection
• Cuts/abrasions/contusions
• Weight/blood pressure checks

Elevate Your health care Investment

Physical therapist working with a patient in a QuadMed health center

Onsite Health Services

We offer a diverse array of additional services that can be integrated with our primary care offering to address specific employer needs or to achieve greater health and cost impact.

  • Occupational Health
    Physical Therapy
    Chronic Condition Management
    Behavioral Health
    Referral Management
    Claims Processing

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Employee Wellness

Add our additional wellness offerings to emphasize health risk identification, lifestyle management and behavior change.

  • Biometric Screening
    Wellness Coaching
    Incentive Programs
    Wellness Portal

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