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Case Study: A single postcard drives health center awareness and utilization

Little girl on baseball team looking at the camera from front of postcard

During the summer of 2017, 23 QuadMed clients participated in our children’s physicals campaign designed to drive appointments for sports, camp, scouts and school physicals for children ages 4 to 18 from May 1 through September 5. To measure our success, we reviewed key data points that could be tracked and compared to the prior year. We reviewed the number of child appointments, parent appointments, number of first-time patients and the number of individuals who established the clinic as their primary care provider. The results were outstanding, with some clients achieving as much as a 75 percent increase in patient utilization compared to the year before. Additional results included: 
  • Landed in 6,079 homes
  • 421 children came in to see us
  • 31 parents also scheduled appointments
  • We met and cared for 88 new patients
  • 62 patients established primary care with QuadMed
  • According to the Data & Marketing Association, the average response rate for direct mail is 3.7 percent. With a total of 452 visits, we almost doubled that with a 7 percent return rate.

In summer 2018, we expanded to 48 QuadMed health center locations participating in the children’s physicals campaign. We reviewed the number of child appointments, parent appointments, new patients and those visiting that established the clinic as their primary care provider. Due to an increased awareness of the services provided, we were able to experience a significant increase in those visiting our clinics. We saw an average return rate of 14 percent by client and 12 clients had more than a 20 percent return rate. Additional results included:

  • Landed in 19,911 – an addition of 13,832 homes from the previous summer
  • 203 parent tandem visits – an increase of 172 parents scheduling appointments
  • 349 new patients – an increase of 261 new patients
  • 234 patients established QuadMed as their primary care provider – an increase of 172
  • 2,074 visits – an addition of 1,622 total visits
  • Overall 10.4% return rate

Unique to QuadMed and as part of our service offering, we provide a dedicated marketing strategist who works in partnership with each of our clients to drive health center awareness and utilization. The strategist is supported by an inhouse creative team. Our experienced marketing group understands best practices and produces innovative marketing campaigns that lead to these superior results.

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