Wellness completes health care

By adding an employee wellness program to your onsite health care offerings, you are empowering employees to lead a healthier lifestyle and providing them with the tools to do so. By incorporating a well-rounded wellness program, employees not only get the benefit of great primary care, but the support they need to incorporate lasting behavior and lifestyle changes that can have sustained positive health impact.

Nurse taking blood draw from patient for biometric screening

Biometric Screening

When you know better, you do better — that’s especially true for health readings. Our biometrics team provides employees with their blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and body mass index values and more including tips on how to improve them and referrals for follow up care when areas of risk are identified. Armed with biometric screening and health risk assessment results, we’re able to stratify risk in the workforce and implement targeted programs to address individual and population risk segments. 
Personal trainer working with member as part of wellness coaching

Wellness Coaching

For patients needing extra support to improve or maintain good health, we offer health coaching. Either in person or via phone or video telepresence, individually or in group settings, health coaches run sessions on health-related topics such as stress management, weight management, tobacco cessation, staying motivated and creative ways to incorporate exercise into a daily routine.
Personal trainer teaching a fitness class


Many of our health and wellness centers incorporate fitness into total well-being. We have robust fitness programming and marketing strategies to drive high employee participation and engagement to maximize the employer’s investment. We use a variety of measures to drive personal accountability and self-motivation, including fitness assessments, personal training, incentive programs, recreation events and leagues, and group fitness.
Nutritionist talking about food portions with patient


The power of good nutrition can help a workforce stay healthier by reducing the risk of chronic disease, increasing energy, maintaining healthy weight and improving immunity. Our certified Dietitian Nutritionists assist with diet modification for people who are overweight and those with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and more. Through healthy eating and menu planning, sports performance enhancement and lifestyle change, patients are able to better control and maintain a healthier well-being.
Man walking on treadmill in a QuadMed fitness center

Incentive Programs

Many clients encourage their employees to health improvement by providing incentives. We can provide the infrastructure needed to monitor and track all the health and wellness activities an employer wants to reward. Preventive appointments, biometrics, physical activity, eating habits and more to manage any incentive points earned for employee reward. Incentive programs vary by client but are proven successful at increasing engagement and health offering utilization. 
Woman on computer logged into the QuadMed wellness portal

Wellness Portal

We offer a robust wellness portal that utilizes artificial intelligence to customize offerings, education and challenges designed to address a person’s specific needs or areas of interest. The portal uses self-disclosed information from the health risk assessment and other information captured through food and activity trackers as well as downloads from wearable devices like FitBit and more. The portal includes articles, recipes, wellness tips, a health library, customized challenges, and provides tracking capabilities for incentive programs. 

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