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Client Success Stories

"We had a Maintenance Associate complain of dizziness while sitting at lunch. His coworker told him he did not look good and that he should go to the QuadMed Wellness Center. After they took his vitals and hooked him up to an EKG, they realized he was having a heart attack. They immediately called 911 and urgently rushed the EMT's to his aid. We found out later that while he was in the ambulance in front of the building, his heart had stopped and they had to shock him to bring him back. He had surgery to be fitted with a pacemaker. We are convinced that if it weren't for the urgency and knowledge of the QuadMed staff, we would have lost an Associate that day. I want to thank you and anybody that was connected with bringing the Wellness Center to our Distribution Center. It is saving lives."

- Letter from the Director of Distribution for Kohl’s Winchester Distribution Center to Kohl’s Corporate


MillerCoors plant in Milwaukee distributes an employee survey each year, one of the questions asked is, “What benefit of the company do you enjoy the most?” Typically, the top rated answer, without fail, is the free case of beer each employee receives monthly. However, that changed in 2018 when the top rated answer was the QuadMed onsite health center. As one of the company's longest operating health centers, QuadMed ages like a beer's fermented cousin, wine, getting better as each year passes.


- Results from employee survey conducted by MillerCoors - Milwaukee, WI

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