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Case Study: Onsite Health Care Results in Improved Employee Health and Patient Satisfaction

For many employers, employee satisfaction is a more important measure of success than ROI. If employees are using the clinic, it means they haven’t been taking time off work to visit a doctor, and that they’re getting the medical care they need to stay healthy and productive.


An employer with locations in Wisconsin and Missouri has had QuadMed health centers on site for more than 10 years. Recognizing that the patient-provider relationship is often the key to profound and lasting health and wellbeing improvements, we are proud to share that many of the health center staff that were there at the opening are still there; in fact we have experienced many years with zero turnover. That consistency combined with a patient-centered medical home model of care has resulted in sustained patient engagement and cost-savings for both the employer and employee.


Eligible population utilization

QuadMed patients at these
locations also experienced: 
 Graph showing population utilization of an onsite clinic  44 percent less health care expenditures


Our patient-provider relationship is paramount. That’s why QuadMed offers easily accessible appointments based on patient needs, stressing quality care over quotas. The relationship allows for collaboration to better prevent illnesses, reach desired goals, manage chronic conditions and maintain good health.

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